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Hi there, my wife got a new Enyaq yesterday and we're getting to grips with the console. I noticed this evening that the console was still on after having locked the car and I can't get it to switch off. Any suggestions?

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What do you mean by console?

Centre infotainment screen? Try holding power button for 30 seconds.

Instruments with speed etc? No idea sorry
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Post by dancoups »

Sorry, the infotainment screen.

Thanks, I held the power button down, it rebooted, then when I locked the car again it switched off.

So was it just a glitch then? The software does seem to be rather glitchy.

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If you think it is glitchy now, you should have seen it in 2020/2021 :D

(anyone else remember the full volume indicators?)
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i actually much preferred the previous indicator volume, they are far too quiet now.

It should easily be adjustable from a menu, but alas its not.
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