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Post by Stantheman » Wed Dec 22, 2021 7:19 am


We have an enyaq and pod point installed at home!
Most of the time the Pod point scheduled charge which is controlled from the app charges the car - no issues! Then randomly the pod point loses WiFi and charges the car! I understand that if PP loses WiFi it reverts to plug and charge.

What I want to know is; should, once WiFi reconnected, it still charging and go back to schedules charge?

It seems to happen the same day every week!

Last Tuesday evening we had a ton of problems and I rang pP on the Wednesday and last night the car charge 5.30pm to about midnight. The car is set to 100% charge and yet it stopped bag on 80%! If WiFi signal dropped and it reverted to plug and charge surely it would of continue to charge to 100% not stop at 80%? The app is scheduled to charge 00.30-4.30 every day and it’s set up to do that everyday!

The car has no set up to charge independently only by the pod point app!

I just don’t understand it sometimes! Like I said I get that when it loses WiFi etc - why is that the only device that loses WiFi, nothing else in our home does, we have sky that needs WiFi etc and all works fine! We have a booster device to enhance the signal as advised by PP!

Anyone have any advise? Going to call PP again but fear they are just going to say “it’s your WiFi”

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Post by BioHzrd » Wed Dec 22, 2021 6:36 pm

How far away is your Pod from the router ? If the pod is loosing the WiFi then the signal must be weak.
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