Shuffling music on Bluetooth from iPhone and disconnection

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We’ve just picked up our Enyaq a week ago, and we’re getting really frustrated with the infotainment system.
When the car picks up our Bluetooth connection to the phone (which it sometimes randomly drops), we cannot get the tracks to shuffle at all. If we press the shuffle, it will pick one random track, and then plays songs from there in alphabetical order - switching off the shuffle option. If we have multiple tracks that are the same title (but on different albums), all these songs will be played one after the other, before moving on to the next track in the alphabetical list.
If we connect to Apple CarPlay we can shuffle the tracks, but then we can’t seem to make a voice activated phone call, and have to select the contact manually from the screen.
Are we doing something wrong, or can the Enyaq really not shuffle music tracks randomly - unlike every other car we’ve had over the past 10 years!
It makes no difference if we connect via Bluetooth or USB-C.
Also, if we use Apple CarPlay and then try to go back the the ŠKODA system, then the car can’t locate the phone via Bluetooth at all. You have to reselect it through the touchscreen.
It all seems a bit of a faff, and the tech seems quite old. Took it to the garage to look at, and they had no clue - saying the car was “too new” for them to know anything about it, which was helpful.
Does anyone have any thoughts?

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Post by C2atb »

I haven’t tried just Bluetooth but yes when on CarPlay shuffle/ repeat controls seem to be very random . I gave up and pretty much use apps instead like Mixcloud etc . Maybe there is a solution to this hopefully someone can help
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