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Post by richboxy »

Hi all, Just wondering if anyone else experiences an exceptionally loud, constant thumping noise when driving above about 20mph with the rear windows open just over halfway or more. The wind noise is so loud it hurts your ears. Presuming its something to do with the way the car is designed and the air flow around it and not just my car that this is affecting.

Pretty poor design if its the same on all Enyaqs. Car is undrivable with rear windows open over halfway, due to the noise. Try it if you haven't, its quite unbelievable.

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Post by ChangoMutney »

Yes, I've noticed this. However, buffeting occurs on most cars when only the rear windows are open to some extent. It is mostly relieved by opening the front windows a bit. As to poor design.... I can't really agree with that statement. The car designers do not consider this when developing the concept as there are so many other variables that would take priority. You can get wind deflectors for the Enyaq if you can't live with it.
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Post by Decide »

A lot of modern cars seem to exhibit this.
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This is very common in VAG Group Cars ..
Because they are built so well and highly accurate when you open a Window the Air has No Escape so Buffets around the cabin until you equalise it by opening a front window
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Post by Helijock »

In the handbook it recommends not to drive with the windows open.
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I find if I hit myself on the head with a hammer it hurts. Like really hurts!
Now I know you're all going to say, "Stop hitting yourself with the hammer."
But that's what hammers are for. Hitting things. Why would I have a hammer if I wasn't going to use it?!
And nobody in B&Q gave me any suggestion that there are somethings I shouldn't hit.
It was like, "Hammer? Sure. Here you go. Knock yourself out."
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It’s all about aerodynamics Enyaq has a drag coefficient of 0.257 and most manufacturers continually strive to reduce these figures.
I previously had a second generation Tiguan which had a cD of 0.33 but the third generation has reduced that to 028.
I have commented in the past that the old Tiguan used to flash up a warning on the dash to say that the aerodynamic efficiency was affected if any windows were open . I’m surprised that Enyaq doesn’t do that.
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