finding all windows partially open

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Post by Monman »

Have had my 80x for just over three months now and so far its been a pleasure to own what is my first EV and also first Skoda.
Issue wise its been trouble free apart from finding all four windows open about 3 inches two separate occasions when leaving the car with them fully shut.
This happening is pretty random and the car stays locked throughout.
Has any other owner experienced similar?

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Post by Brussels »

No idea if this is why, but there is a feature to open the windows crack to let out the hot air if you hit the buttons on the fob correctly. No idea if that's this though.
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Post by Monman »

Could well be the cause
I will look into if the issue is being caused by inadvertently operating the Key fob in a certain sequence.
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Post by coom80 »

I’ve found mine the same before, and saw it happen when I sat down with my keys in my pocket. Definitely a key fob press event.
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Post by orrery »

I had such an event.

I have clip-on blinds in the rear windows (Lidl or Aldi) and they have a habit of flying off if you pull the rear windows down, so ...

I was working removing weeds on the drive, when suddenly there was a click and bits were flying all around me. The car had previously been locked, I bent down with keys in my pocket, unlock was held in, the car unlocked and put the windows down (unlock held in) the clip on blinds flew out into the drive, just missing me. Given a few minutes with no door opening, the car then re-locks. Gave me quite a shock.
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