Delayed Charging Timer workaround (Home Assistant)

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Post by m0re85 » Wed Jan 12, 2022 7:18 am

Hi all,

As many of you already knows. There is some issues on the delayed charging time feature or "smart scheduler". I am also a Skoda official EV charger owner (OEM of elli wallbox). And after getting confirmed (by phone because they do not want to put it on write) the issue is because they have not developed yet the EV communication connectivity required protocol for "smart scheduler" (I didn't remember the name of this standard protocol), then I decided to look for a workaround to solve the delayed charging time. My requirement is to adapt EV charging time with my Electric power supply rules (for Spain we got two timeframes for low power and high power: I cannot use high power since 00:00 and with cheaper energy costs) by starting automatically the charge after 00:00.

My workaround is based on Home Assistant (an open source software for home automation) with the integration of Skoda Connect add-on ( I want to give a big Thanks all contributors of this add-on. This add-on uses the Skoda API services. It is like you interacting with Skoda Connect Mobile App. So it is simulating I am wake up after 00:00 and I press the charging button on the Skoda app of my smartphone. The Home Assistant helps you to easily define what is the routine fits better on your scenario. For me I just put a clock and some conditions to enable charging: if clock is after 00:05, power cord is plugged, it is not charging and battery is under 80, then start charing.

If you need further details I can share my small developing,

Regards and happy charging :)

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Post by tiger tony » Wed Jan 12, 2022 5:53 pm

I also use Home Assistant with the Github intergration. I just use an old Pi4 to run it all on. Its easy to use and configure the Enyaq although I've not tried the smart scheduler yet.

Are you using the HA cloud for remote access to mobile or connecting direct to a PC ?
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Post by m0re85 » Wed Jan 12, 2022 7:06 pm

I used a Pc and now I am testing on raspberry

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