Electric drive not working correctly. Please visit workshop

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Post by Eddison_Enyaq » Mon May 02, 2022 9:32 pm

Interesting! Got my Enyaq last October and just done 5500+miles in it, including having just returned to Norfolk from the Outer Hebrides so felt I’d pretty much road tested it, but just had this warning come up (amber) yesterday having slowed down to pass some horses. No other incident of similar prior and nothing that I would have considered to cause such an issue.

Switched car on again today and same amber warning, but didn’t try to put it into drive so will see tomorrow and call garage.

Only other thing I’ve had previously was the screen freezing (which meant no changing temperature/seat heating/sat nav etc) on 3 occasions, all having been parked for a few hours in the cold (-2 to 3C range) and then trying to drive home (in the dark). Typically every time it happened I was somewhere I didn’t know and at least an hour from home, so was a nightmare without satnav (had to use google on my phone on speaker) or heating!!! 🥶 All fixed with a quick software update and didn’t happen once in Scotland so 🤞

These cars definitely don’t seem to love a temperature change :/

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