Infotainment system (mp3 stutter, skipping folders)

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I have two strange problems with the infotainment system:

1. When playing mp3 music via USB Stick sometimes there is a stuttering in the first second of a song. Which is very annoying. I tested >5 different usb sticks, formats (exfat, NTFS, fat32), different mp3 quality's, removed id3tags and covers - it can happen with every title. When I repeat one of these tracks, it often doesn't have the same problem again. As if it is too much for the system...

2. When putting a lot of music on a stick (>20GB, I like to have my music with me ;-), it skips the folder after I leave the car and get back in (over night, after a stop).
That's also very annoying when listen to an audio book or a record.

Anybody had the same problem?

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Post by carlotb »

i have been experiencing similar issues. I had problems with stutter throughout any song at any given moment. I did not have that issue playing audiobooks. However. I took the usb stick from the car and used it on the computer again. Added the music again. (started with some folders for testing) and after returning it to the car it work fine.

also when I started the car the usb stick would continue where it left off during the last drive. But recently it returns to the first artist on the usb stick and starts playing from there. very annoying. this is only since about a month or so.
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Post by Villacular »

What software version are you both using. Have you recently updated?
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