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Post by silversurfer »

I would like to protect my much loved Enyaq from 'New'. I am planning to get ceramic coating done while the car is literally brand new and free from imperfections. Is this a good idea? Anyone else who has gone down this route? What should I look out for when choosing the ceramic coating provider? There are so many options and I am utterly confused as have never done this before. Any help will be much appreciated.

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Post by MikeJL »

Some thoughts from another forum I follow:

https://www.velarforums.co.uk/threads/c ... post-26115
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Post by Helijock »

I had my car done in Dec '21, and today after a wash it looks as good as when I picked it up. I had the 5 year ceramic.
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Post by HairyCowMan »

I had mine done at the beginning of March at the local accredited detailer of these :-


I had the 8 year coating done as I am planning to keep the car for a long time & they had an offer on where the 8 year coating cost the same as the 5 year.

Car still looks stunning & cleaning it is a doddle
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Post by silversurfer »

Thanks all. Much appreciated.
I am getting 5 year coating for £500.
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Post by ricky10 »

5yr for £500 seems like a good price.

That’s £100/yr and that way less than the detailing products I consumer per year if the wash regime is literally just foam and shampoo and wipe dry
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Post by anhtuvp »

I had my new Enya coated this month at Adept and it really keeps the paint looking fresh. It protects against minor scratches and makes cleaning much easier.

When choosing a provider, look for good reviews and a strong reputation. Make sure they use high-quality products and have skilled technicians. Ask about their warranty and what you need to do to maintain the coating. It's also important that they do a thorough prep before applying the coating.
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Post by metalmadhammer »

A Brand new car is never free from imperfections so it is important to polish to a close to perfect finish before ceramic application. In order to polish a full detail is required including a deep clean wash, glue and tar removal, iron and fallout removal, clay bar, panel wipe, polish (probably single stage)then finally a ceramic coating.

I have installed several ceramic coatings (1 to 3 year coatings) and I know a few detailers. £500 for a full detail and 5 yr ceramic is very cheap and i'd want to know all stages are being done properly. The last pro detail I paid for was in 2017 for Gtechniq Black Serum 8 years (It is still working) and that was £1000.

The very best protection is PPF (Paint Protection Film) along with a flexible ceramic coat on top but it is very expensive.

Either way, its most important that you learn how to maintain your coatings properly. Its really easy to remove ceramics with auto car washes, too harsh shampoo's, poor cleaning techniques and tools. You generally "Top" them up regularly with an Si02 product.
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Post by Activ8 »

Great OP and a timely one for us.
Being new, white and having little desire to exercise my Karate Kid techniques weekly we're waiting for a quote.
The Stealer is confirming the information tomorrow, I'm now better informed to at least qualify the service being offered.
Cheers chaps!
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Post by ricky10 »

Does the ceramic coating prevent stone chips?

Just detailed my car today and noticed bonnet has 2 stone chips where the paint has been scratched away.
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