12V boot socket & Fuse 52 issue.

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Hi guys,

I'm the proud owner of a new Skoda Enyav IV 80.
I've installed a dash cam on my Enyaq, using the boot 12v socket for power.

After noticing that 12V is not cut when the car is off, I've made my way to your forums to understand how to change Fuse 52's position to cut 12V when the car is off.

The problem is, when I switched the position of the fuse, 12V socket won't deliver any power no matter what, I turned on the car, and even drove a couple of miles but had no luck.
When I set the fuse back to it's original place (one step below) the 12V socket works as expected and doesn't cut off when I turn off or lock the car.

Any suggestion as to what I'm missing?

I have two GPS tracking systems on my Enyaq due to insurance demand.
Is it possible that the shop that installed the tracking systems used the needed fuse position to 'detect' car ignition?

Thanks in advance.

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Post by BioHzrd »

Moving the fuse position won't change the way the 12v socket acts you would need to change the wiring to do this.

Your bear option is to find a circuit within the glove box Fuse Box that has a "Switched" live and connect your Dash cam to this with a fuse tap like the image below.

Can be found in other places for a lot less but first image that came up.


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Post by homingpigeon »

I moved fuse 52 as described in various places and the 12v boot socket now only comes on when the car is 'on'. Perhaps double-check and try again?
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Post by Stepmb »

I have the same problem despite reading a number of times that switching the postion of fuse 52 changes the socket from permanent live to switched live.
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