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Post by DanOx »

Mine's sat at Emden waiting for a ship. Joined the marine tracking enthusiasts now, watching for departures to Sheerness 😂
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Post by Hoopnik »

Ordered a Grey 85x 4x4 Sportsline on 9th Jan

Was told to expect delivery April/May

Told in April build date confirmed week 22 end of May

Emailed today to see if it was being built & told all cars currently on order with Johnsons Skoda have been delayed until Week 31 (last week of July) or after
but that mine is locked in on the system so SHOULD not change.
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Post by Warpig »

Just got off phone with dealer, ordered 85x last November, got a build week for week 20, now latest estimate is week 35 with delivery in October. Was originally told 16 weeks delivery, now looking at 11 months.
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Post by Robbie69 »

Hi, I’m a newbie, I ordered on the 12th October last year told 16 to 22 week wait ( Enyaq 80x sportline plus with advanced pack which has changed to a 85x now)
It was built week 10 which was 10th of March or so, Then it sat at Emden for over 11 weeks waiting to come to the uk, I called dealer and also spoke to Škoda about this just got told you just have to wait for a space on a ship. Finally the car arrived in the uk port on the 31/05.
After speaking to dealer yesterday told it could take 2 weeks to reach them (Inverness) and then 2 days to have it ready to drive away.
If I had known it was going to take about 36 weeks I would have not ordered and looked at something else.
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Post by Hag123 »

I was told I was probably one of the 1st to order a Brand New 85x Sportline Plus Enyaq Estate ordered the start of November as on the morning I went in there was a hoohaa trying to place the order as the dealer apparently hadn’t been informed of the change over that day from the 80x,
so I don’t think cars are being manufactured according to first come first serve as I am hearing of a a fair few 85x Sportline Plus being handed over, granted not many as it seems they are the most affected model.

Mine was apparently built start of March, god only knows where in the world it is now 🤔

I am definitely over it, I sort of resent waiting for it now but the stubborn side of me wants to know exactly when it will arrive otherwise I would be more than happy to cancel
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Post by MK09 »

There do seem to be inconsistencies both with order of manufacture and the amount of time cars spend at the port. My Sportline Plus 85X was ordered 19th December, built week 12 (18th March) and was delayed about 5 weeks at Emden, but was delivered to me last week.
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Post by Jamie1c »

My car is still sitting at week 26 and has been for the past 2 months. Hopefully this doesn't get pushed back 🤞
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Post by fedrep »

Ordered coupe 85x sport line plus 2 week in January.
Messaged dealership a month ago and got told expected to dealership sometime in July.
Have had no contact with them unless I contact first .
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Post by lurch9494 »

Yeah just chased my dealer as heard nothing since ordering the car end of April. I now at least have a build date of week 37. Amazing to me that having just spent £50k I have to hassle them for updates! :roll:
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Post by PCWilts »

I ordered an 85X sport line plus back in mid January 2024 and while the delivery dates have changed a few times, it looks like it won’t be with the dealer until early October 2024 now. Really disappointed nothing can be done to speed things up but if delivery date changes again (will be the 5th time) I might consider an alternative. The dealer promised regular updates but after the first one or two, I’ve had to chase and get the impression responding is going out of their way. I’ve had a few new cars over the years and this is the longest I’ve ever had to wait.
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