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Aragorn wrote: Mon Jun 10, 2024 8:57 am ...Eventually the bubble burst, and a few years later things have settled down to somewhat more normal depreciation curves, but that means a huge crash from those initial stratospheric prices, and ofcourse a lot of folks looking at depreciation now, are those who bought in 2021/2022...

That's one factor, the other is that because of the low company car tax company drivers have been getting BEVs like they're going out of fashion. Now, we are seeing larger volumes of very credible ex-lease BEVs hitting the 2nd-hand market and providing an alternative to buying new for private buyers. So, 2nd-hand pricing is falling and private buyers are moving away from buying new. This is just the expected move to a 'normal' UK car market for BEVs, as we have seen with ICE cars over the years - large company car leasing and large volumes of ex-lease cars going out onto the second hand market.
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