Odd Slow Leak from Engine Coolant Reservoir

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I am a nearly-65-yr-old woman with 50 years of driving experience. Yes, I started driving when I was 15 in the State of Virginia. My husband is not a driver and not mechanically minded, but we have a Ukrainian family living with us. The dad is an excellent mechanic and has been maintaining our 2015 Vauxhall Zafira & my 2018 Mitsubishi PHEV. I have owned 7 cars in my lifetime, with more than 400,000 miles driven, so I'm not a total novice.

I bought my Enyaq iV 80 in early June, and have been [/b][/i]really pleased with it. In the nearly five months I've had it, I've been slowly figuring out what I can do with it, and learning all its features. About 2 weeks ago, the Low Coolant Alert light came on just before I got home. The weather was sunny and the temperature was about 18.5˚. When I got home, I found & checked the coolant reservoir, and it was measuring about 1/4-inch below the low line. As I had neither coolant nor distilled water, I parked the car and made arrangements to purchase both. When I went to add the coolant about a week later, the coolant reservoir was empty. It had all drained onto the garage floor! After calling the Skoda Dealer in Swansea and on their advice, neither our resident mechanic nor a non Skoda garage mechanic were able to trace the leak without taking off all sorts of pieces, all of which would invalidate my warranty. Obviously, I will have to take it to the dealer in Swansea. The mechanic added coolant, and the leak is still happening, but very slowly. After 25-30 miles, I have to add distilled water from the low line to the top-off line. On the days where I have driven the car with this leak, it has been quite rainy with an average temperature of 12˚. The Low Coolant Light has not come on again. I usually drive every 4-5 days or so & the car is kept in a garage. There has not been a large puddle of coolant on the floor again, although it is clear there is a slow leak.

My question: has anyone else experienced this sort of leak? We live at the top of a pretty steep hill, and the landscape around us is not conducive to flat driving. Sometimes I can run the car without the environmental heat pump running, but lately the weather has not allowed that, so the air con is running at a very low level to keep the windows from fogging on top of climbing the hills. I cannot tell if running the heat pump or putting stress on the engine has anything to do with the coolant level. All I can think of is that some clamp has come loose and, depending on the temperature or stress on the car, this clamp is flexing and changing the rate at which the coolant drips out.


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Hi, my coolant is also leaking and has been in the Skoda garage for about 6 weeks! I was told it’s to do a leak in the valve for air con and coolant.
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