Just got software version 3.7 - Who knows more?

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Post by Contzer »

Hey all, just checked my software version and it reported 3.7!

I haven't noticed anything special yet, and Google (or Skoda) doesn't give me any answers as to what the news might be. So if anyone has more info please share :D

If you want me to check something special in the software, just reach out.
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Post by Pea »

Did you run update?
What was your previous version?
When your car was manufactured?
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Post by Contzer »

I did not run any update and I have not been to the workshop.

My previous version was 3.6

Manufacture date was end of August 2023.
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Post by anglefire »

No Idea - but just checked and mine is now 3.7 too.
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Post by riki1 »

Yes, I also have version 3.7 and I noticed that now the rain sensor is always on. I know this because I have a camera connected to it (FITCAMX) and it is now constantly recording even when the car is locked. Previously, the camera stopped being powered after a few minutes after locking the car and thus stopped recording.
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Post by Walter Eagle »

Allegedly, the 3.6 nomenclature was a 'mistake' by Skoda and that release was wrongly numbered.
The big change that has taken place is renumbering 3.6 to the intended 3.7.

There. Doesn't that make everyone feel better?

(Still on the dead-end that is 3.0)
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Post by orrery »

Walter Eagle wrote: Sat Feb 10, 2024 4:12 pm (Still on the dead-end that is 3.0)

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Post by ricky10 »

Mine is still reporting 3.2. Haven’t had OTA update for nearly 6months now.
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Post by Guitar George »

For those on V3.0 at least, Skoda UK says 3.7 is available from your dealer, all you have to do is book in your Enyaq. Mine is already booked in for its first inspection service. I'm currently checking with the dealer that they're going to update the software.
https://www.skoda-auto.com/emobility/me ... are-update
Checked and yes. For those on 3.0, your car will be updated by the dealer the next time it's in.
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Post by RockyDog »

Just had my car ( currently ME3 .0). called in by the dealer for the 3.7 update. It will then be able to charge at 135kw, and have all future updates as OTA plus I believe will allow battery preheating and release about 10 miles of extra range plus will allow auto plug and charge at ionity and a few others.

In all sounds like a worthwhile upgrade. Though it's another 6 hr upgrade
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