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Beard wrote: ↑Thu May 09, 2024 4:44 pm Damn, I wish I could have ordered the sunroof. Bloody company car policy.

Still, the car will be great fun anyway. Thanks for the replies.
Please don't worry .u r not alone .I have id3 got everything but wish I don't had sunblind.rattle most of time people with Enyaq are having same issues.may be not đź’Ż.you going to enjoy your car.
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Get the Coupe 85x comes with the Glass panoramic roof, looks great.
They say the Heat Pump will add 5-10% range, I believe it'll condition the battery quicker for quick charging, and it'll remove waste heat from motor and battery for use in the cabin in winter. Range in winter is touted to fall off a cliff, a heat pump will lessen the impact.

I think you'll be hard pressed to recoup the heat pump cost until approx 4/5 years. One thing people don't think about the HP is you'll also have to charge slightly less often with the increased range, meaning your battery life should last longer.
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Ordered Jan 24, delivered end May 24
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