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Post by rgbgr »

I have been prompted to do an OTA update. The usual “does not increase the software version” but it’s estimated to take 50minutes so seems like a meaty one.

The problem I’m having is that the Install button is greyed out and it’s telling me to close the windows. Even though they are already closed. I’ve tried opening and closing them as well as some other things like turning off lights and climate control but the button is stubbornly unpressable.

Has anyone had this issue? I’m sure I saw a thread that mentioned something similar either here or on Reddit, but I can’t find it. Any help appreciated!

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Post by rgbgr »

I found it! I had to open all of the windows, then close them one at a time, waiting for each one to close fully before closing the next one. Then I had to re-close the rear windows because they hadn’t fully closed.


Anyway, hope this helps someone in the future, and thanks to kastelicb!

kastelicb wrote: Wed May 22, 2024 11:25 am Hi all.

I have a question that I hope someone has an answer to. I have the option for OTA update on the goodbye screen but when I select it I get a warring that I have to close my windows. But they are, I even opened and closed them several times but no luck. I can't remove this warning. And due to this the Install button is greyed-out. Has someone seen this already and if yes, were you able to Install the OTA somehow?

Thank you all

EDIT: found the solution - open all windows and then close one by one and after the last one was closed the warning disappeared and I started the OTA. Let's see what I will get ;)
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Post by Aragorn »

The window motors "learn" the top and bottom positions by reaching the end of their travel.

If the 12v battery has been off (or ran flat), the windows forget their position and need to be re-learned. The "auto close" function where you just tap the button once to fully close the window also relies on this function.

Thus if you've never fully opened and closed the windows since the battery was removed, they dont know where they are, and it causes that error. In your case, it sounded like the rear windows were the ones that didnt have the positions set.

I dont know why the update requires the windows to be closed. At a guess, the update probably takes a while and disables the car, and they dont want you stuck with the windows open in a rain storm while the update runs.
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