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Post by cherryboy »

Going away today so wanted to charge to 100% - Last night set Ohme to put enough miles in and in the car moved the slider to 100% in Settings -> Charging. Came out this morning and only charged to normal 80%. Have I missed another setting?
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Post by ricky10 »

You need to make sure your car and ohme has 100% set on. Safest bet is to set the car’s charging % after you plugged the charger in on the infotainment screen or via app
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Post by Aragorn »

Sometimes theres another slider in the car if you've setup a charging location.
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Post by orrery »

I seem to remember some battery care mode, or similar, slider in the car setup that always fixes to 80%.
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Post by kdwolf »

In MySkoda App:

1. I removed my home as location from MySkoda app (you can do from within the car too),
2. Battery range -> three dots in the top right corner -> Current limiting: I do allow circuit breaker tripping. Never happened to me with any EV I had so far
3. Battery range -> three dots in the top right corner -> Charge limit: change to 100%

N.B. I set Ohme price cap (My charger > Price cap) to 7.5p ( off-peak price with Octopus I have)
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