80 or 85 Estate?

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Post by SeedyM »

Going to look at a couple of Enyaq estates this weeks. Both used but not very! 24 plate 85 and a 23 plate 80. Neither seem to have any packs added. Is it worth the extra 8k for the 85? It’s quite a lot extra but I do like the idea of the extra traffic type functionality. Do you find you use it if you’ve got it? Have some of those features on current none Škoda and only use a few but they aren’t v well implemented. Any advice from your experience would be v useful - thx

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Post by Aragorn »

It really comes down to spec.

The earliest enyaqs had a zillion packs each as seperate options. The base car without any options was somewhat spartan. Especially in 60 trim.

Some time in 2022 i think, they consolidated it down into a bunch of meta packs called things like "Clever" "Plus" "Advanced" etc which combined together various bundles of the individual option packs.

Then more recently they further simplified it, there are now two Trim levels, the base model, and "Edition". I think Edition has most of the stuff from Clever and Plus. There is still a "Maxx" pack you can add on for some extra bits but nothing super critical (for me at least).

Base is not available on the 85 in the UK AFAIK, so all UK 85's should be Edition spec AFAIK. The Edition spec is quite a nice trim level, it has most of the fancy stuff that you'd want.

So to compare, you'll need to find out exactly what spec the 80 is, and see if it has all the bits you actually want.

One idea would be to download the 2023 Enyaq brochure: https://autocatalogarchive.com/wp-conte ... 023-UK.pdf

That way you can see all the packs and options etc. Then compare those with what the car is actually equipped with, and to thr 2024 brochure showing whats included on an 85 Edition.

Outwith the spec/option packs, the biggest differences with the 85, are significantly more power (285ps vs 200) and a newer software suite on the integrated infotainment system.
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Post by legless »

I've so far had an 80 Sportline, a 2023 vRS Coupe and an 85 Sportline.

Of the 3, the 85 has been the best so far. It's every bit as quick as the older vRS (and quicker on a low battery) and the software is significantly improved. It's got some useful bits of kit as standard over the older models too, such as the rear integrated sunblinds and travel assist.

The only annoyance I've found with the 85 is the need to switch the speed warning off on every drive. I've no objection to it, but it simply gets the speed limit wrong on many of the local roads around here so it's next to useless. Fortunately, it's just a single button press and screen tap to switch it off.
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Post by anhtuvp »

Go for the 85 if you'll use the extra features, but if not, stick with the 80 and save some cash.
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